Stay With Me Precious One
♥Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Hold onto me, now;
Please hold on tight.
Breathe into my lips,
And it will be alright.

Lets close these eyes,
And we'll dream free.
Think of us - all that
we would never be.

Smile at me, wide;
Remember our fate.
Tell me you love me,
Before it's too late. 
 by My Name Is Mouse

Not Bad ah this poem
been quite emotional this few day
i don't quite know the reason behind it
but now
im ok liao
May All Wish Came True
Waiting For The Day

♥Friday, February 11, 2011
let post the summary of today n ytd
starting ytd
School as usure
test test test
after school go back home
change n when jp with jeremy wei xiong jw and thawat after meeting at jeremy house
the go jp arcade
then go eat ljs
then go back jeremy house take orange go bai nian at chee meng house
play poker drink beer
then go home

for today School
test test again
then got oral
stupid lo
cont wan talk about it

that is all for today

♥Wednesday, February 9, 2011
hmm today post a little
too full ah
today school off early
but i get back home at 4pm
went to eat pizza hoho
poor thawat kana pour tio orange juice
eat 2 piece 1 juice 1 soup
at school don't know what happen today
damn tired in school
reach home jiu no tired liao ><
DnT product almost liao
need more improvement
that all for today
don't want to talk much
haha :X
It is your own choice
better make it your best

♥Monday, February 7, 2011
Guess What?
1st day of school after Chinese New Year
 School is quite slack
1st in the morning forget bring story book
stand for the morning assembly
Never bring book need go find 1 then write 5 good phase or sentence 
find those in the book
very sien lo
Ok that never mind can do it
Phy lessen :
the most slack of all
just need do 1 piece of worksheet
Math lesson: do Class work
learn new way to solve
and different question to take note
got test next Monday same time
Pe lessen : 2.4 run 
damn 'cake' ah
take a long time to run finish
Recess no need say
change and eat only
CME:lazy to talk about
so skip this
English lessen:
focus test result release
never past >< 13 /30
learn words and more other things
in assembly 
police talked yellow ribbon project
jail ah anything that related  to it
got ex jail people come give speech 
Not bad ah
only the police that talked
listen to him really can fall sleep

that all for Monday
Learn to the music from your heart

♥Saturday, February 5, 2011
Create A New Blog
Because I'm bored

Let talk about something else
anyone have fun in Chinese New Year?
I bet No One :X
Me not haven fun in Chinese New Year
Everything Change That Why I never had fun

Chinese New Year 1st day
Went Malaysia (JB)
Buy 'Pao' the boom boom boom one For My little bro to play
I never play because i dont feel like playing
Eat Reunion dinner with family and sibling
stay until 12 am for the firework
Red,Blue,orange,yellow n many more colour
seen it every year
quite sien liao
after that when back home

2nd Day 
When to JB to 'Bai Bai' then go my mother place in malaysia (gemas)
Flooding Loh
go half way the road
saw the river flood
wait for 3 hour or more to try to get to the other side
at the end 
lorry carry the car drive to the other side
See the flood also scary
is almost near my neck
that is very high liao
reach the other side
pay 100RM to the driver
continue our journey 
the flood has gone down
saw shops and houses destroy
kelian wasted 
3rd day till ytd night spent the day at malaysia
That all i want to share

continue to search , don't give up
You will success

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